Magia toamnei

„A venit, a venit toamna …
Acopera-mi inima cu ceva…
Cu umbra unui copac sau mai bine,
Sau mai bine cu umbra ta!”
Am cantecul acesta in minte de cand a inceput toamna si a trebuit sa-l pictez. Sper sa va placa.

Acril pe panza 50×70 cm

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12 comentarii

  1. perfection of your expressiveness allows us a very clear picture of your inner beauty , your soul is so beautifully speaks not leaving us for a moment in confusion . You are a brilliant artist whose expressive attitude towards the movement of universal special
    so nice to build a super suggestive combination of conceptual determination beauty
    little things that surrounds us- Thank you for this


    1. What should I answer, Stefan? Well, just thank you! In my mother language or in german could I say more. But I would say the same thing in many words: Danke schön, ich bin stolz auf meinen Gemälde/ Multumesc din suflet, am intotdeauna nevoie de incurajare fiindca sunt nesigura.


  2. You really have a great reason for pride in their work, because they like the kind of weft, deep in themselves are an expression of genius multilayer polarity in the spiritual sense of reality and perception in terms of enriching illuminating your testimony. Testimony which the point source present a final goal a distant future and I you for that heartfelt congratulations.


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